Zebra 2844 Thermal Printer


When an item sells, and you’re ready to ship, I HIGHLY recommend having a thermal printer, like the Zebra 2844. With a thermal printer, you’ll never have to buy ink! It also prints very fast, and directly onto standard size shipping labels. This will save you so much time because you can print your shipping label directly from eBay or PayPal right through your Zebra 2844 thermal label printer, peel it off, and stick it on, and send it out.

Depending on whether you use USPS or UPS, you can schedule free pickups from your business on specific days, or everyday. If you’re consistently listing and selling items, then I recommend having them come by everyday so that you can save yourself time by not having to drive to the post office. In addition, you can put a note in your listing that says if you pay by so and so time, then it will ship the same day. Just fill in about an hour before your scheduled pickup time.

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