TurtleSkin Police Duty Gloves


Another essential storage auction accessory is a good pair of TurtleSkin police duty gloves. I spent months working without gloves with no problem until one day that forever changed me. My partner and I were going through some boxes and bags in a unit that we had just purchased. As usual, we were a bit excited and quickly rummaging through the goods, when I reached into a purse and grabbed something with my right hand and pulled it out.

At the time I was busy talking to my partner, not really paying attention, and swinging this object around in my hand as I spoke. Soon, I realized he had a funny look on his face as he was half listening to me and half eyeballing my right hand. Instinctively, I looked over in horror as I noticed I was gripping a dirty sex toy with my bare flesh. I’m sure you can imagine the shock that gave me!

Fortunately, I had some hand sanitizer, which I also recommend. But I learned something that day: Just because you don’t mind getting dirty, doesn’t mean you want to wrap your hand around some unwieldy, potentially disease-ridden, sex toy.

With that being said, buy yourself some gloves! Whether they are a box of disposable gloves, or some nice protective leather gloves like the TurtleSkin Police Duty Gloves. Remember, there’s more to storage units than buried treasure… there’s also dirty secrets, mouse poop, cockroaches, and possibly drug needles.

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