TrustFire 3800 Lumen Flashlight


You guys are in for a treat with this little bit of information! One of the questions I got asked the most, at every auction – all day long, was “What kind of flashlight is that?” My answer: “The Best!” …and nothing more.

At every auction you’ll see the guy with the mega jumbo flashlight that needs it’s own dolly to trudge it around, and guess what? His light sucks! Can you guess what my flashlight looked like? One that could land a plane, or turn the darkest of dark into daylight. Well, it looked like a toy actually. Sometimes people would say, “You’re not gonna see much with that tiny flashlight” as they touted their monstrosity. Then, when it came time to light up the room, guess who was begging me to turn my light back on? Yep…

Which leads me to another little tip I want to squeeze in here, and that is: Don’t leave your flashlight on the entire time you’re scanning a unit. Look around and do quick bursts of light. Remember, you don’t want to help everyone, just yourself. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it and learn how to throw people off as well.

So, now that I’ve talked this little guy up, do you want to know something else before the final reveal? You can get it online for under $50 shipped!

Drumroll please!

The TrustFire TR-3T6 3800 Lumen Flashlight MONSTER!!

At this price, I made sure I owned two, and I suggest you do the same. The batteries only last a few hours when you have this on the max output setting, so don’t leave your light on too long, and always have a backup.

It has 5 different settings from low light to the brightest light, and two different strobe effects. It takes a bit to get used to as you click the bottom of the handle on and off, and then half press the same button to switch between modes. If you’re not completely blinded by it, then you have it on the wrong setting.

It is now selling under the name WindFire as well but it’s the same 3800 lumen flashlight.

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