Royal 1000ML Cash Register


Your basic cash register usually has a locking cash drawer for holding money, a numeric keypad for typing in the price, a selection of definable departments, a receipt printer, and a screen to show the customer prices and total amounts. Personally, we used the Royal 1000ML Cash Register and it worked out great for us for many years. Yes, there are better options out there, but for the price, this can’t be beat!

Some benefits of the Royal 1000ML Cash Register include

  • Alphanumeric 1-Line Rear Customer Display that you can set up with your own special greeting. In addition, customers can see the prices of items as you ring them up, as well as their total.
  • 4-Bill, 5-Coin tray locking cash drawer (with removable coin tray).  It’s best to have enough cash in the register to handle any transaction.  Typically we kept $500 at all times:  $200 in 20’s, $100 in 10’s, $100 in 5s, and $100 in 1’s.
  • PC Connection: RegisterLink Software and 6 foot serial cable included.  It also accepts SD cards so you can save your transaction history and easily transfer it to your computer to use with QuickBooks or other accounting software.

In addition, you can set up tons of departments so you can keep track of what items do the best.  You can also print your phone number, website, special message, etc on receipts to give you another touch of professionalism.  Remember, print your website in as many locations as possible including your receipts so that people have no problems finding you!  As far as the reviews go on Amazon, there are not many so it’s hard to judge by them.  Like I said, I personally used the Royal 1000ML Cash Register and absolutely loved it!  I hope you do as well.

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