Pop Up Tent Canopy Weights


If you don’t have pop up tent canopy weights then you don’t know what you’re missing, unless of course it’s your pop up tent! How many times have you been at the flea market or swap meet and seen someone’s canopy take flight with an unexpected gust of wind? For me, far too many! Fortunately I was smart enough to invest in a good set of pop up tent canopy weights to keep my shelter from running off without me. With this kit, you get 4 pop up tent canopy weights that weigh 5lbs each. All you have to do is slide them over the feet of your canopy legs and that’s it! For exceptionally windy days, you can double up on weights to make extra sure that your shade stays where you put it!

If you don’t already have a commercial pop up tent, I recommend you get one.

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