Should I Hire Employees?

Should I Hire Employees? I’ll be upfront with you on this. I never hired anybody, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I… 0 Merchant Account

If you plan on accepting credit cards for your storage auction business, the traditional route is to use a merchant account. Typically, a… 0

Shopify Online Store Builder

Shopify’s Online Store Builder has an intuitive and simple to use web design interface, with top-notch security, online education, support, and the largest… 0

Royal 1000ML Cash Register

Your basic cash register usually has a locking cash drawer for holding money, a numeric keypad for typing in the price, a selection… 0

Keyed Alike Round Master Locks

Having Keyed-Alike Locks will be a huge time-saver for you out on the auction trail. Not only will you save time hunting for… 0

Master Lock Round Padlock

Use a round padlock like this one to keep your storage secure. You will notice, at storage auctions, regular locks can be cut… 0

The Club Tire Claw Security

Protect your trailer from getting stolen with The Club Tire Claw Security Device. This is another must have trailer accessory if you want… 0

Megahitch Trailer Hitch Lock

The Megahitch Trailer Hitch Lock Coupler Vault is one of, if not the most, secure trailer hitch lock you can buy! I know… 0

Box Trucks

The ultimate mode of transportation in the storage auction business is the box truck, or box van depending on model. It’s like having… 0

Enclosed Cargo Trailers

After throwing money away on rentals, I decided I needed to get something just as useful, but for less money. At the time… 0

Open Utility Trailers

Pros & Cons Of Having A Truck & Open Utility Trailer The next best option above using your own vehicle, especially if you… 0

LLC Operating Agreement Template

If you form an LLC, you should use this LLC Operating Agreement Template that will help to structure your LLC and provide rules… 0

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