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Pros & Cons Of Having A Truck & Open Utility Trailer

The next best option above using your own vehicle, especially if you have a truck, is to get yourself an open utility trailer. Open utility trailers are typically the most affordable trailers you can buy and one of the most popular choices amongst storage auction buyers.

Some positive aspects of open utility trailers:

1. Price: As stated, open utility trailers are the most affordable and can be had for under $1000. This gives you more money to spend on other needs or inventory.
2. Maneuverable: When empty, they are lightweight and don’t drain your truck of gas too bad. They are fairly easy to maneuver when empty, especially when backing up or making tight turns inside of a storage facility.
3. Accessible: They can be loaded from any side and stacked as high as your tie-down skills will allow. While enclosed trailers and box trucks force you to really plan ahead when loading, an open utility trailer is a bit more forgiving, allowing you to add almost anything, to almost anywhere on the trailer at any time.
4. Speed: Because you can load from any side, you can also speed up your loading process.

However, there are also some drawbacks:

1. Security: Open utility trailers are not the most secure choice when it comes to protection from theft or from items falling off in transit. Imagine you’re done loading everything and you start heading down the freeway, headed towards your warehouse, storage, or home. Then, suddenly, in your rearview mirror you see items sliding off the side of the trailer, falling helplessly onto the freeway. Ouch! Or imagine you need to make a pit stop for lunch or to pick up some supplies at home depot. You run in, and come out 30 minutes later to discover that someone has stolen items from your trailer. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be an issue, but here in California, it definitely is.
2. Weather: The biggest problem with open utility trailers is unpredictable weather. Sure, you can tarp your trailer when you’re done loading, but what about the 30 minutes to an hour while you’re loading? Your fresh inventory is sitting in the rain, getting damaged, and there’s not much you can do about it. I’ve seen guys use pop-tents over their trailer while loading, but this is definitely not ideal.

This is a great option for the beginner, at least until you can work your way up to an enclosed cargo trailer or a box truck. Knowing the pros and cons, its your decision whether or not you spring for something better, or make do. When purchasing an open utility trailer, I recommend getting one with a dual axle. This will give you more stability and cargo carrying capacity.

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