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After throwing money away on rentals, I decided I needed to get something just as useful, but for less money. At the time I already owned a truck so I did some research comparing trailers. Because of the cons of open utility trailers, I chose to buy an enclosed utility trailer. You have the option to buy new or used, but for me, I went with new and became the proud owner of a dual axle loadmaster 7’ x 14’ trailer with a ramp.

So, why did I choose an enclosed cargo trailer? Mainly to keep my inventory secure, as well as protected from the elements. I also chose to get one that had extra reinforcement and a stronger chassis. Depending on where you live, expect to pay at least $5000 for a new enclosed trailer or $2,000 to $4000 for a used trailer.

I also opted for the rear ramp door instead of the two swing-open style doors. This allowed me to easily move inventory in and out of the trailer. In fact, I highly recommend that you opt for a ramp style door as your only option. With the side swing doors, you can’t use your dolly to move inventory into the trailer which will make your life much more difficult. In addition to the ramp, my trailer also has a side door near the tongue. This is great if you have items you want to get to the quickest, especially if you will be storing inventory in your trailer for a while before unloading.

Which leads me to another benefit of having an enclosed cargo trailer. You can use it as storage! If you don’t plan on buying new inventory for a while, you can work out of your trailer. It also comes in handy when making runs to the flea market. I have rolling carts with totes that I roll on and off the trailer, which makes for quick and easy set up and tear down at the swap meet.

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