Colored Price Stickers


If you want to have monthly markdowns, there’s no better way than to use different colored price stickers for each month of your inventory. Here’s a little system that I used, and these are the colored price stickers I used to do it:

How to use Colored Price Stickers to sell your storage auction inventory fast!

Every month, when pricing your inventory, you want to use a different colored price sticker, on a four-month cycle. For example, lets just say we are currently in April:

• January is Green
• February is Orange
• March is Yellow
• April is White

I had a large sign with colored rectangles that stated the prices of items:

• White Sticker = Full Price
• Yellow Sticker = 25% Off
• Orange Sticker = 50% Off
• Green Sticker = 75% Off

This way, you only have to price things once, and every month they get reduced by 25%. This will help items cycle faster and give you the opportunity to keep buying new inventory. At the end of the cycle (green stickers in this example) you will want to throw these items in your swap meet bins because guess what next months sticker will be? That’s right… Green! You just keep cycling 4 stickers. On May 1st, you will start using these new stickers and change the sign to read:

• Green Sticker = Full Price
• White Sticker = 25 % Off
• Yellow Sticker = 50% Off
• Orange Sticker = 75% Off

Most of the time, items won’t even make it to 50 or 75% off, but if they do, then off to the swap meet they go where you get to start at full price all over again! (see my ebook or course for more information). When ringing up the items, just pay attention to the colored price stickers and type in the discount for each item.

These colored price stickers are designed for use in the Monarch 1136 Price Gun

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