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Jeweler’s Loupe

In the storage auction business you will come across quite a bit of jewelry and other odd items with hard to read hallmarks…. 0

Zebra 2844 Thermal Printer

When an item sells, and you’re ready to ship, I HIGHLY recommend having a thermal printer, like the Zebra 2844. With a thermal… 0

FREE USPS Flat Rate Boxes

Did you know that you can get FREE USPS Flat Rate Boxes? Well, you do now! When selling items on eBay from my… 0

Postal Scale

Save yourself time and money and invest in a postal scale. When putting items up on eBay, I found that it was much… 0

Studio Photography Light Box

Think for a second how you find items of interest on eBay. Do you browse to a category and manually scroll through everything… 0

Colored Price Stickers

If you want to have monthly markdowns, there’s no better way than to use different colored price stickers for each month of your… 0

Monarch 1136 Price Gun

The quickest way to price your storage auction inventory is to use this monarch 1136 price gun. It allows you to do 2… 0

Pop Up Tent Canopy Weights

If you don’t have pop up tent canopy weights then you don’t know what you’re missing, unless of course it’s your pop up… 0

Commercial Pop Up Tent

Whether your out at the flea market, or you’re loading your open utility trailer in the rain, you’re going to wish you had… 0

Commercial Rolling Racks

The one thing I hate most about swap meets is being forced to load and unload the trailer constantly. After a few times… 0

Pro Grade Shop Rags

Pro Grade Shop Rags will definitely come in handy after you purchase a storage unit. It doesn’t matter how clean and careful you… 0

Standard Homeowner’s Tool Kit

You can buy a prebuilt homeowner’s tool kit, or throw one together yourself, but make sure you have the basics. A hammer, screwdrivers,… 0

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