Bungee Cords w/ Organizer


This set of Master Lock Bungee Cords w/ Organizer provides a simple and easy solution for storing and organizing your much needed supply of bungee cords. It includes a display rack which can double its capacity to serve as reusable storage frame and built-in handle allows easy transportation and hanging when not in use. This bungee organizer features preset grooves for each length on storage frame for easy re-assembly so you don’t have to worry about where each bungee cord should go. Bungee cords come in super handy when tying down your load or doing something like securing a mirror or object to the side wall of your trailer so that it does not fall down or break during transit. Take it from me, you need a good set of bungee cords!

You also might want to check out some braided polypropylene rope, and ratchet tie-down straps.

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