Box Trucks


The ultimate mode of transportation in the storage auction business is the box truck, or box van depending on model. It’s like having your own personal U-Haul truck and has it’s own set of pros and cons.

Pros of owning a box truck:

1. Speed: No need worrying about hitching and unhitching a trailer. Also, you are not limited to the 55mph (in California) speed limit for all towing vehicles. You can get to the auctions quicker, load quicker, and get back quicker. Remembering that time is money, you can see how speed is crucial in this business.
2. Security: This is one of the most secure forms of transportation for your inventory. Like an enclosed trailer, your goods are locked up, away from prying eyes and easy temptation. However, unlike a trailer, which can be hitched by someone else, to steal a box truck is a bit more involved and easier to track down.
3. Capacity: Sure, you can buy a very large enclosed trailer, but add a 15’ long truck to that and you can see how this setup can get to be a little much, especially when cornering in a small storage facility. With box trucks, you can safely go up to a 26’ truck and still maneuver around most storage facilities since they are designed with these trucks in mind. Imagine having over 1500 cubic feet storage capacity! You can potentially move a 10×30 in one trip if you have your “Sideways Tetris” skills up to par.

Cons of owning a box truck:

1. Cost: A box truck is not cheap. Often costing as much as, if not more than a new truck. Keep in mind that U-Haul and Enterprise rentals, as well as other companies, sell used fleet vehicles for under $10,000. It’s up to you to determine if you are comfortable going this route. On one hand, you know the vehicle was constantly maintained and service records were kept. On the other hand, it was a rental, and you know how people treat rentals.
2. Maintenance: Unlike a trailer, which is mostly maintenance free, aside from tires and bearings, a box truck is a vehicle and often times will have a diesel engine. While diesel engines can run longer between maintenance and repairs, when they do need them it can become quite expensive.

If I were to start over, I would have opted for a used box truck from one of the leading rental fleets. The truck and trailer have been nice, but hitching and unhitching can get to be a chore after a while. Besides, how cool would it be to have your own truck that you can hop in at a moments notice to make a delivery or pickup some free roadside swag. Not to mention, you can get your own custom paint job or wrap prominently advertising your business everywhere you go.

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