Storage Auction Authority

Did you know that now is the perfect time to get into the storage auction business? The hype is over, and the hobbyists have decided to gracefully bow out. That's why now is the perfect time to buy Mike Milez' new book Storage Auction... more

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The Best WordPress Hosting

If you haven’t the foggiest idea how to setup a website, you are not alone. With today’s technologies and website templates, building your very own, branded website, is much simpler than you can imagine. If you read on, I'll tell you... more

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Jeweler’s Loupe

In the storage auction business you will come across quite a bit of jewelry and other odd items with hard to read hallmarks. It's a good idea to get yourself a jeweler's loupe so that you can magnify this tiny writing and make sense of... more

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Zebra 2844 Thermal Printer

When an item sells, and you’re ready to ship, I HIGHLY recommend having a thermal printer, like the Zebra 2844. With a thermal printer, you’ll never have to buy ink! It also prints very fast, and directly onto standard size shipping... more

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FREE USPS Flat Rate Boxes

Did you know that you can get FREE USPS Flat Rate Boxes? Well, you do now! When selling items on eBay from my storage auction hauls, I would often sort items by size so that I could ship them in the small, medium, or large flat rate... more

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Postal Scale

Save yourself time and money and invest in a postal scale. When putting items up on eBay, I found that it was much more efficient if I packed them first so that I could provide accurate shipping measurements and weight. This allows you... more

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Studio Photography Light Box

Think for a second how you find items of interest on eBay. Do you browse to a category and manually scroll through everything hoping to find the item you are looking for? I didn’t think so. Like most people, you search for the item... more

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Colored Price Stickers

If you want to have monthly markdowns, there's no better way than to use different colored price stickers for each month of your inventory. Here's a little system that I used, and these are the colored price stickers I used to do... more

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Monarch 1136 Price Gun

The quickest way to price your storage auction inventory is to use this monarch 1136 price gun. It allows you to do 2 lines with 8 characters each. For example, I always put the month and year when I receive the item in the top left... more

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Pop Up Tent Canopy Weights

If you don't have pop up tent canopy weights then you don't know what you're missing, unless of course it's your pop up tent! How many times have you been at the flea market or swap meet and seen someone's canopy take flight with an... more

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Storage Auction Supplies

  • Should I Hire Employees?

    Should I Hire Employees? I’ll be upfront with you on this. I never hired anybody, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I had. After reading The 4-Hour Workweek, a book I recommend everybody read, I re-examined everything I was... more

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  • Merchant Account

    If you plan on accepting credit cards for your storage auction business, the traditional route is to use a merchant account. Typically, a merchant account will supply you with a credit card reader that can hook up to your cash register or... more

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  • Shopify Online Store Builder

    Shopify's Online Store Builder has an intuitive and simple to use web design interface, with top-notch security, online education, support, and the largest number of add-ons in any shopping cart software.  Its site designer is easy... more

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  • Royal 1000ML Cash Register

    Your basic cash register usually has a locking cash drawer for holding money, a numeric keypad for typing in the price, a selection of definable departments, a receipt printer, and a screen to show the customer prices and total amounts.... more

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  • Keyed Alike Round Master Locks

    Having Keyed-Alike Locks will be a huge time-saver for you out on the auction trail. Not only will you save time hunting for the right keys, you'll also save yourself from carrying a jingly 10 lb. weight on the side of your jeans! ... more

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  • Master Lock Round Padlock

    Use a round padlock like this one to keep your storage secure. You will notice, at storage auctions, regular locks can be cut with a bolt cutter, but these bad boys need to be cut off with a saw or grinder! If you plan on having more... more

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  • The Club Tire Claw Security

    Protect your trailer from getting stolen with The Club Tire Claw Security Device. This is another must have trailer accessory if you want to keep thieves at bay! You can even use this on your car or truck. But don't take my word for it,... more

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  • Megahitch Trailer Hitch Lock

    The Megahitch Trailer Hitch Lock Coupler Vault is one of, if not the most, secure trailer hitch lock you can buy! I know as well as you do that your trailer is your life, especially when you run a storage auction business. The only way... more

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  • Box Trucks

    The ultimate mode of transportation in the storage auction business is the box truck, or box van depending on model. It’s like having your own personal U-Haul truck and has it’s own set of pros and cons. Pros of owning a box... more

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  • Enclosed Cargo Trailers

    After throwing money away on rentals, I decided I needed to get something just as useful, but for less money. At the time I already owned a truck so I did some research comparing trailers. Because of the cons of open utility trailers, I... more

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  • Open Utility Trailers

    Pros & Cons Of Having A Truck & Open Utility Trailer The next best option above using your own vehicle, especially if you have a truck, is to get yourself an open utility trailer. Open utility trailers are typically the most affordable... more

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  • LLC Operating Agreement Template

    If you form an LLC, you should use this LLC Operating Agreement Template that will help to structure your LLC and provide rules and regulations for smooth operations, similar to the partnership agreement. It’s a good idea to hammer this... more

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